Welcome to the MCCBR Pastoral Search Committee page

Our committee members: David Nall, Committee Chair; Rhonda Waldrop, Vide-Moderator; Morris Welch, Treasurer; Kellie Taylor-White, Clerk; Leslie Palmer; Mark Reed; Joey Campbell; Sonji Dominick; Mike Smith

Current Status as of November 1, 2019:
After prayerful consideration, the pastoral search committee has reopened the search process and are currently accepting applications. If you feel the call to apply, please contact the committee

We ask that you continue to hold the Pastoral Search Committee up in prayer, as we discern who we should put before the congregation as our next Pastor.

The committee has now finalized the analysis of our Pastoral Search Congregational Survey. We have begun reviewing applications and will be prayerfully discussing each applicant and application as they come in. Then we will prayerfully make a decision about each applicant.

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