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MCCBR Live Stream

We are not live at this moment


  1. phxdave

    Good morning, and thank you for your comment. We stream live at 11:00 central each Sunday, and you can watch the recording on Facebook and our YouTube channel beginning Sunday evenings. Search MCCBR on Facebook, or click a link on the webpage. Thanks again, and God bless!

  2. phxdave

    Hello Jim,

    I’m sorry I am just seeing your message. Yes, we were having some issues with the audio. We think we have gotten everything fixed.

  3. Jim+Anding

    I tried to listen to your service today. But the live streaming kept cutting out. The pastor would say two or three words and audio would cut out

    • phxdave

      I’m sorry about that. I’m not sure what happened. The recorded message has been posted on our website, and the recording seems to be clear of any issues.

  4. Ronald

    You probably know this already but no streaming today. First time visitor. Will check later for a playback.

    • phxdave

      Yes, The AV person was ill and could not make it to church. The backup person could not get the live stream to work, and they forgot to turn on the microphone for recording, so there was no usable video to post on the website or facebook. I’m sorry about that!

  5. MCCBR

    Good morning and welcome to MCCBR’s Sunday worship service. It’s good to have you here.

  6. Michael

    Yes Lord,

    A few crumbs from your table.

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