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1-21-2024 MCCBR Sunday Worship Service

This video does not exist or it has been deleted!

1-21-2024 MCCBR Sunday Worship Service, Recorded Live at MCCBR. Come join us for Sunday’s MCCBR Worship service. This message was delivered by Hope McCorkle, and is entitled “Leaving it All Behind”. This is our full Worship service, including music, Holy Communion, prayers, message, and more. Come and celebrate the Good News of Jesus Christ and God, as we give thanks and praise. You are an important part of MCCBR, and we are glad you stopped by. May you have a blessed week.

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  1. Taylor

    I love this service. Today’s scripture taught me that sometimes God’s purpose for you will not always be easy nor convenient. Sometimes you may not even be prepared but, it’s important that you have a little faith in him and still carry out that purpose even if it’s uncomfortable.

  2. Danielle Underwood

    We watched this message today and we learned different things. I appreciated the scripture reading, video, & the speaker today. I learned that following you purpose may not always be easy. You may get in rough or choppy waters. You may have to leave your family. But if you have faith and trust God. He can help you through it. Leaving everything at the drop of a dime and going with Jesus was hard. But the following books of the New Testament prove it was worth it! If God brings me to it; he’ll bring me through it. Even if I’m in a little shrimp boat. 😀

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